February 2013


The annual MBIA conference will take place May 15th-16th, 2013. More information will be available shortly.

Incubators In The News

A New Breed: Tilian Farm Development Center
"We live in a world where we want people to have choice. We want the sons and daughters of farmers to grow up and be doctors and teachers and contractors and whatever they want to be, but if we live in that world, then we also need to live in a world where the sons and daughters of doctors and teachers and contractors can choose to be farmers, can choose farming as a vocation, as a career path."
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Amy Cell's Priorities for MEDC in 2013: Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs
Since joining MEDC in 2011, Cell has helped run programs aimed at keeping graduating college entrepreneurs in state by providing access to venture capital, mentors, and incubator space. “We want to make sure that young people that graduate from our colleges and high schools have the opportunity to get a good job here in Michigan.”
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UM Start-Ups Take 1st and 3rd Spots at Accelerate Michigan
Kymeira Advanced Materials won first prize at Accelerate Michigan's student competition in December, worth $25,000 in seed capital. The University of Michigan spin-out is creating a family of new-to-the-world inorganic polymers. SkySpecs took third place and the $10,000 in seed capital. The company is developing unmanned aerial vehicles that use artificial intelligence to gather data in hazardous locations, such as collecting structural data in hard to reach places under bridges.
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MSU College of Law to Help Small Michigan Businesses With Intellectual Property Questions

Prima Civitas Foundation

Through coordination efforts of the I6 Green Proof of Concept Center, the Michigan State University College of Law is leading an initiative to help West Michigan and mid-Michigan entrepreneurs and small businesses with their intellectual property (IP) questions. The new program, called the Intellectual Property Start-Up Project, will offer assistance with patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.
The Intellectual Property Start-Up Project is the newest practice area offered through MSU Law's Legal Clinic. The Legal Clinic provides a high-energy law firm environment in which student clinicians work under close faculty supervision to advocate for real clients with real legal challenges. Additional practice areas include civil rights, criminal, family, First Amendment, housing, immigration, small business and nonprofit, and tax law.
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Venture Plan Online

The statewide Venture Plan Online marketing campaign is making an impact, and we've just started to promote the February offerings. To date, Headquarters has sent out two eMarketing pieces, used social media, added Venture Plan Online to our e-mail signatures, and sent out a statewide press release, click to view. The MLive campaign will start on January 14 with full implementation of the campaign starting on January 21, two weeks prior to the February 5 program launch.

Motivation For Michigan

Will New Food Incubators Help Create Culinary Business Boom?

Michigan currently has one successful kitchen incubator, The Starting Block Kitchen Incubator in Hart, but the demand for more has slowly increased across the state. There are commercial kitchens available for rent, but with odd hours and the issue of the size of appliances needed for mass production kitchen-hopping has become common as well as a problem for busy people who have to travel. Washington D.C. has set an example for states like Michigan who are in need of food incubators. Union Kitchen, D.C.'s latest food incubator, is housed in a warehouse outfitted as an industrial kitchen: "the space houses two giant walk-in fridges and a walk-in freezer, cooking and prep stations, storage, and more. Members can partake in group purchasing to help lower their costs, and Union Kitchen takes care of everything from cleaning to utilities. A local illustrator and graphic designer have offices in-house for members to hire for their marketing, and an upstairs dining room can serve as a conference room or a pop-up restaurant space." Union Kitchen and other local incubators all have the same goals in mind- to ease the burden of starting a small food business and to support "a new generation of picklers, small-batch makers, and other sorts of artisans." As the demand for local and organic foods increases, hopefully Michigan can grow to meet the demands of small food businesses. If Washington D.C. can do it, why not us?
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